Polish Leather for Top Quality Furniture

Quality furniture is the fine art for their makers and seasoned collectors. However, their sophisticated shape and functionality may become compromised if the finishing is not equally as qualitative. Most experts agree that one can achieve a full success in turning a furniture into a pure perfection only by applying leather into the piece. Whether you are a manufacturer, a designer, or an upholsterer you should know your leather and you should know best places to get it.

Before you choose a leather type
You can acquire fine quality polish leather (bull and cow hides) from ITAN – a distributor with over 20 years of experience in providing tanning agents and hides also from Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus or Russia. But first, you should decide which materials you need for your works. You may or may not be aware that before a leather becomes a final product it undergoes a certain treatment. The most popular wet-blue leather carries its name thanks to the chromium used in the process of tanning, which leaves the material with the blueish color. Wet-white leather stands in the opposite with wet-blue leather due to the lack of chromium in its treatment. Using crust you can have polish leather of any color you need. If you believe ecology is the future, choose bio-white leather – a technologically advanced material which does not contain any metals, and its production process causes less environmental changes. Turn to ITAN to find out about various possibilities in adjusting the hides to your specific needs in terms of thickness or preparation rigor.

Chosen types of furniture leather

Top Grain leather
Starting with the most costly types – top grain leather (also called full grain pigmented or corrected grain) is the toughest type as it’s taken from the outer layers of the hide. Using this material you may set a higher price on your furniture as they will have imperfection free finishing, soft feel and they will last long.

Full Grain Leather
Here’s an interesting fact: the most expensive furniture are covered with full grain leather which is barely processed after separated from the animal. Tanners remove the hair present on the epidermis of the hide. The whole product is used, not just layers of it. After that the hide is soaked in natural dye and… that’s it. No polishing is done. The leather shows its natural imperfections and gets softer but only with time.

Bonded leather
This one is made out of fibres and scraps mixed together and shaped into a roll with some help of bonding materials. Next, it is dried. Since it contains only 10-17 percent leather fibres, some claim it’s not a real leather. It’s worth to note, however, that the final product is extremely durable, doesn’t contain much formaldehyde which harms the environment and doesn’t undergo chemical tanning so it’s perfect for allergic users. Also, it’s significantly cheaper than any other leather type. Have you chosen your favorite kind yet?