Legal Hemp Shipping

Are you planning to buy hemp products? But, you are unsure if it is legal in your state. The hemp shipping in the USA is legal now. It is accepted as an agricultural commodity under the Farm Bill 2018, which has been removed from the CSA (Controlled Substances Act). The Acts allows the cultivation and shipping under certain conditions.


What hemp products to buy?

There are various hemp-based available to buy in Exhale Wellness, such as:

  • Delta-8 THC
  • CBD Disposable vape
  • Hawai’i vape bundle
  • Hemp for hawai’i t-shirts
  • Hemp for hawai’i hats
  • HHC disposable vape

THC disposable vapes

With many kinds of hemp vapes in the market, you will have the Delta-8 THC disposable vape of Exhale Wellness. It comes in different flavors. The variety of flavor helps buyers to have their options of flavor, since not all vape users have the same satisfaction with the aroma or fragrance the vapor releases.

The cloud nine feeling of vaping these THC disposable vapes is achievable. So, if you are a first-time user of this vape, you can freely try it. Since it has no additives, users can safely vape the vape. The disposable vapes are a one-time-use pen. So, avoid recharging as it might have a risk for you. Chances like explosion, however, have not happened in Delta-8 THC disposable vape since nobody reused the pen once emptied.

CBD disposable vape

CBD disposable vape is different from THC-contained concentrated vapes. The type of disposable vape differs on the concentrates it contains in the juice, it is CBD instead of THC. The Maui Wowie strain is used for this CBD disposable vape. If you want to learn how good the Maui Wowie strain is, read below.

Maui Wowie is a classic sativa-dominant cannabis strain known for its tropical and uplifting effects. This strain has a rich history and is considered a legendary strain in the world of cannabis. Maui Wowie is named after its place of origin and is associated with the relaxed, beachy vibes of Hawaii with all these characteristics below:

  • Appearance. Maui Wowie typically features bright green buds with long orange or brown pistils.
  • Aroma. The strain is known for its sweet and tropical aroma, including notes of:
    • pineapple
    • citrus
    • earthiness

            The scent is described as exotic and pleasant.

  • Flavor. The flavor of Maui Wowie matches its aroma, with a sweet, fruity taste that can remind users of a Hawaiian luau.
  • Effects. Maui Wowie is primarily a Sativa strain, which means it tends to produce uplifting and energizing effects. The users have reported different effects, such as:
    • feeling happy
    • creative,
    • focused

Shop for the hemp product you want in the USA, it is legal!